Illink’s referral rewards program works every month to lower your monthly fee or even earn you EXTRA CASH every month!

Your Referrals

Monthly Reward

Adjusted Cost*


































* Negative amounts show cash earned over and above service fee.  Assumes $19.95 basic service fee.  All customers are sent a referral rewards check each month.  Bold amounts indicate rewards in excess of service fee.

Illink is a national ISP offering a true worldclass referral reward plan.  One that actually pays you a cash referral rebate for every new subscriber you sign-up!

Earn $4 Referral.

Sign-up just 5 friends and earn a totally FREE
Month on Illink!

In a world filled with sleepy ISP’s and ho-hum referral programs, you would expect that a company like Illink  would come through with a truly incredible referral incentive that is revolutionary.

Market Partners is Illink’s new customer referral incentive program that actually pays you a $4 cash rebate per 
subscriber.  No other ISP is this aggressive in saying “thank you” for helping us grow.

You see, at Illink, we truly appreciate your efforts in helping us grow by telling your family and friends about our terrific services.  We didn’t want to just pay lip service to our customers, we wanted to return the favor in a tangible way  - so we created Market Partners.

No Need to sign up for the Market Partners program.  As a Illink  Subscriber, you’re automatically enrolled in the program.   When you bring new customers to Illink, each month you’ll receive a real check in the mail in the amount of $4.00 for each person you’ve signed-up with us. 
Sign-up 5 friends and you’re earning enough to pay for your service with Illink!  It is that simple.

Compare Illink’s Market Partners with those other Internet companys’
referral rewards or even those annoying ‘ad supported’ free ISP Services:


Illink’s Market Partners

The other guys...

What do you get per referral

$4.00 per referral


How much is it worth per referral



How many referrals to earn FREE service



Annual Value of 5 referrals per month



Are there annoying mandatory ads to view



Illink  is your #1 choice for Premium Internet Access and Premium
Referral Rewards.  Call now or
Click Here to sign-up!

Making Referrals
Learn how to make new referrals with friends and family easy.

Marketing Materials
Illink provides a host of brochures and other materials to make your referral efforts a lot easier.

Market Partners 
Like everything else in life, the Market Partners program comes with its own set of rules which you must abide by...

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