Advertising Materials

Call  or e-mail us at Advertising to order ad materials.

Because Illink wants to see you succeed in earning free service and a large Market Partners check each month, we’ve provided these referral marketing materials that you can order and use in your efforts in signing up new referrals.  Call us or just send us an e-mail to order any of the below materials.  

Brochures - Full color, quad-folding brochure for display or handing out to friends and business associates.  Referral Code area for writing in you personal or business Referral Code. 


Banner and Button Ads

Illink has created a number of banner ads that you can place on your personal or business webpages to assist you in signing up new referrals online.  Simply insert the related HTML code into your site’s banner display.  When someone clicks through the ad they will be taken directly to Illink’s sales and sign-up page with your referral code already embedded in the sign-up routines.



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