Western Digital Hard Drives

Features like ATA/66, 5400RPM spindle speed and up to 66.6 MB/s data transfer rate, make WD Caviar 5400 RPM drives the best combination of performance and value for entry-level to mainstream PCs.
Item No. Description Price  
WD10001 WD102AA 10.2GB 5400Rpm $99.00    
WD03011 WD102AB 10.2GB 7200Rpm $134.00    
WD03006 WD 13.6GB 5400Rpm $115.00    
WD03009 WD 15.3GB 5400Rpm $117.00    
WD03007 WD 15.3GB 7200Rpm $142.00    
WD03005 WD 20GB 5400Rpm $130.00    
WD03002 WD 20GB 7200Rpm $166.00    
WD03012 WD 30GB 5400Rpm $192.00    
WD03010 WD 45GB 5400Rpm $121.00