Intel CPU's

From shopping, searching and communicating, to the latest tips and tricks at, an IntelŪ PentiumŪ III processor in your desktop PC helps you do more and get more out of the Internet.
Item No. Description Price  
XX60001 Oversize PPGA 3 Pin Fan $8.00    
IN30018 PIII 866 Coppermine Slot1 PC133 OEM $549.00    
XX60002 PIII Cooling Fan $9.00    
IN31001 Slot 1 to PPGA Celeron Adapter $13.00    
IN30003 Celeron 533 PPGA OEM $139.00    
IN30005 PIII 500 Slot 1 OEM $179.00    
IN30006 PIII 550 Slot 1 OEM $199.00    
IN30009 PIII 650 Coppermine Slot1 OEM $234.00    
IN30010 PIII 700 Coppermine Slot1 OEM $259.00    
IN30017 PIII 800 Coppermine Slot1 PC133 OEM $453.00